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Золотий вік глобальних пригод

Тревел-реклама XX століття

Over the course of the twentieth century, travel experienced an unprecedented boom. As ocean liners broke speed records, aerodynamic trains roared down tracks, and stylish boat-plane clippers evolved into jumbo jets, travel transformed from a cushioned journey of the elite into a convenient pastime for the general public.

With the mass production of automobiles, invention of airplanes, freeways and motels, America led the wanderlust phenomenon. With nearly 400 vintage print advertisements from the Jim Heimann Collection, this book documents the exponential expansion of American tourism, through the domestic and global, exclusive and popular, exotic and standardized adventure.

With an introduction, decade-by-decade analysis, and an illustrated timeline, rediscover the thrilling energy of this new age of mobility in which Americans climbed aboard locomotives or ships, jets or Greyhound buses to explore distant lands, or to see whole new sides to their own country.

Серія Bibliotheca Universalis - це компактні культурні томи які оспівують еклектичний всесвіт мистецтва TASCHEN! Цеглини, з яких побудовано дім знаннь

20th Century Travel
Jim Heimann, Allison Silver
Тверда обкладинка, 15.1 x 19.5 см, 464 сторінки
Languages: англійська, німецька, французька
ISBN 9783836553964
20th Century Travel
₴ 950
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