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життя поза містом

City Quitters: Creative Pioneers Pursuing Post-Urban Life

City Quitters portrays creative pioneers pursuing alternative ways of living and working away from big cities.

What does it mean to leave city life behind? Can the reality of living in the countryside fulfil our desire for a better, simpler, more creative life? This book is an attempt to shed light on what rural life can be like today, with all its joys and challenges, providing a fresh look at the people and scenes thriving outside urban spaces.

From experimental co-habitation in a renaissance castle to oversized artworks on a farm, City Quitters offers a global perspective on creative post-urban life: 22 stories from 12 countries and five continents, all based in places with fewer than 10,000 inhabitants.

• 22 interviews with creative professionals and entrepreneurs who left a big city and are now living and working in a rural or provincial environment
• Offers fascinating insights into the personal and professional lives of creative individuals across the globe
• Shows a fresh approach to rural living beyond rustic pastimes and nostalgia

City Quitters
Karen Rosenkranz
М'яка обкладинка, 20 x 26.5 см, 256 сторінок
Languages: англійська
ISBN 978-94-92311-31-3
City Quitters
₴ 1400
In stock