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Ритейл дизайн. Витрины, магазины

The latest volume in Frame’s retail design series explores outstanding and inspirational destinations that are setting the direction of the industry today.

From gallery-like fashion boutiques to community driven bookstores, 100 projects by a panoply of international designers offer a global overview of the current retail design scene. Projects were selected based on their original concept, creativity and innovative solutions.

The book is divided into four chapters illustrating different approaches to the discipline. Interviews with designers Alberto Caiola, Alex Mok and Briar Hickling, and Johannes Torpe introduce the themes of each chapter. All in all, Powershop 6 offers insight into the importance of retail space in the age of e-commerce and the need for brands to value authenticity over tendencies.

• From pop-ups and luxury boutiques, to food markets and gourmet shops, the projects are divided into chapters that illustrate different approaches to the discipline.
• Sharp, easy to navigate, and outstanding graphic design.
• This book is the definitive title to feature a wide range of retail space typologies while contextualizing them in the wider scope of contemporary industry trends.

Powershop 6: Retail Design Now
Твердый переплет, 24 x 32 см, 400 страниц
Languages: английский
ISBN 978-94-92311-35-1
Powershop 6: Retail Design Now
₴ 2750
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