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Вдохновляющее руководство по креативным идеям, стратегиям и практикам

In architecture, no amount of fashion-following or flashy presentation can disguise a bad or absent idea. Strong concepts provide the foundation for long-lasting buildings that will be loved and appreciated by their users. This thoughtfully irreverent primer establishes the importance of developing and fine-tuning your concept at every stage.
- Equips young architects with the essential tools for developing creative and original concepts.
- Presents thirty-two topics across the four steps of the design process.
- Covers the entire range of design stages, from assessing the site, addressing the social, environmental and political contexts of the building, understanding the programme inside out, assembling building components and creative approaches to economizing, reuse and craftsmanship.
- Features more than 200 sketches, plans and illustrations specially produced by the author, along with photographic references and an inspirational guide to further reading.

The Architecture Concept Book
James Tait
Твердый переплет, 24 x 20 см, 280 страниц
Языки: английский
ISBN 9780500343364
The Architecture Concept Book
₴ 900
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