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здесь красиво

It’s Beautiful Here is an image-driven journey through the covetable homes of creative people from around the world. Injected with style and personality, these interiors embody the ethos of decorating. With heartfelt photography, it speaks to renters, renovators and dream house owners and is accessible to all. It’s about people who paint their bathroom ceilings a darling colour so they can enjoy the view every night come bath time. It’s about people who line lampshade a shade a pink for the best complexion for their guests. It’s about ideas to save to do some day and copy-cat fixes readers will want to do straight away.

It’s Beautiful Here
Megan Morton
Твердый переплет, 29 x 20.4 см, 240 страниц
Languages: английский
ISBN 9780500500958
It’s Beautiful Here
₴ 1550
In stock