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калифорнийский модернизм

Нойтра. Полное собрание проектов

Originally from Vienna, Richard Neutra came to America early in his career, settling in California. His influence on postwar architecture is undisputed, the sunny climate and rich landscape being particularly suited to his cool, sleek modern style.

Neutra had a keen appreciation for the relationship between people and nature; his trademark plate glass walls and ceilings which turn into deep overhangs have the effect of connecting the indoors with the outdoors. His ability to incorporate technology, aesthetics, science, and nature into his designs brought him to the forefront of Modernist architecture.

In this volume, all of Neutra’s works (nearly 300 private homes, schools, and public buildings) are gathered together, illustrated by over 1,000 photographs, including those of Julius Shulman and other prominent photographers.

Neutra. Complete Works
Barbara Lamprecht, Julius Shulman, Peter Gössel
Твердый переплет, 33.2 x 25.7 см, 464 страницы
Languages: английский, немецкий, французский
ISBN 9783836512442
Neutra. Complete Works
₴ 2350
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